Tuesday, August 14, 2007

PICNIC Green Challenge

The world needs to embrace a new greener lifestyle. One bright idea can make a big difference. Join us and help save the planet!
To encourage and aid the invention of great new green products and services, the Postcode Lottery and PICNIC present the PICNIC Green Challenge. We call on you to dream up a greenhouse-gas-reducing product or service and send us your idea by 30 August.

Winner Gets €500,000
The entrant with the best idea will win €500,000, expert coaching, and a starting list of customers, so he or she can bring the invention to the marketplace within two years. Send us your idea and a concrete plan for realising it. It's your chance to change the world - whoever you are!
The Dutch Postcode Lottery works for a greener, fairer world by supporting charities in the Netherlands and abroad. The PICNIC series of events draws innovative, entrepreneurial people from all over the world to Amsterdam each year. The two organisations have joined forces to present you with this challenge. Because with your help, we can make a difference.

Planet Rescue Deadline Nears
So take our friendly challenge. Come up with a product or service that can help bring the planet back into harmony and send it to us by 30 August.
A preliminary jury will select three to five finalists, who will be asked to present their ideas on 29 September at PICNIC'07. The final jury will choose the best. That night, the winner will be announced at an award celebration.
The winner of the prize, that is. Because fresh green ideas make winners of us all - business, consumers and the planet.

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