Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tagger Worldwide Design Contest

The Contest
Until september 1st, you will get the chance to show us your graphic design skills. This contest is worldwide and runs until september 1st. The winner will win a price (ofcourse) but also gets a platform that brings him/her a lot of exposure as an artist.
The designs that do not win will stay in the Tagger archives and can be selected for future use.

The Price
- Cash Money: US$250.00
- 10 complete Tagger bags to give away to his/her friends or sell (value US$600.00)
- Full feature profile page on www.taggerbags.com (we will demand a picture and interview)
- Worldwide recognition
- A personal phonecall from the whole tagger crew singing congratulation songs.

DEADLINE : October 1st 2007.

More information about Tagger Worldwide Design Contest >>

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